The MajiKal journey begins!

This blog will be the story of MajiKal. We will be sharing our thoughts on anything and everything related to MajiKal’s journey.

Why we started this blog?

We at MajiKal are embarked in a journey to create a social and event based mobile platform using cutting edge technologies and methodologies. Through this blog we will share our experiences and hopefully in the process be useful to other start-ups and companies.

Who are we?

Bunch of technologist motivated to redefine social experience built around an event and location-based check-in. Yes, location-based check-in, which we believe in its current form ¬†isn’t very intuitive and needs a new¬†definition. (We will write more about this issue once we are close to launch and will answer – Why MajiKal?)

Wish us luck and bon voyage!

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