Bawaal Labs launches “Majikal” an iPhone app to discover local events and aims to make your events more social

Bawaal Labs has today officially launched its Majikal (pronounced: magical) app on the iPhone platform. Majikal is a location aware, social mobile platform that lets you discover and explore events happening around you. It aims to redefine the social experience around events.

Screenshot of the iPhone App
Screenshots of the iPhone App

Discover Events:

Information about events is widely distributed across web and other offline resources. It is very difficult to keep up with fragmented information and discover interesting events happening near your location. Majikal sources its roster of local events from various channels across web and social networks to bring you a comprehensive list of events. Majikal lets you find amazing events for every occasion!

Make Events More Social:

Being SOCIAL always meant to attend events and interact with people offline. Very surprisingly the online experience of attending events is not as social and we at Majikal are on a mission to change that experience. Every event you attend via Majikal will eventually become a time capsule preserving your memories and stories forever.

Complete Experience for Events:

Majikal app is not just made to discover events but it is built to provide a complete social experience around events. Majikal lets you see the people attending the event, virtually see what is happening at the event, buy tickets and share your experience at the event with your existing social networks and friends.

Majikal team is currently working on lots of cooler features for the app and promises a fun filled ride for its users. Stay tuned to learn more!

Download Majikal iPhone app from here or scan the below QR code from your smartphone:

Majikal App iTunes Link

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